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Book of Civil Law Act clearly distinguishes between the commitment born of the agreements and commitments that is born of the Constitution. Legal consequence of a commitment born of the agreement was desired by both parties, because that agreement was based on an agreement which will rapprochement between the parties that made the agreement. If the agreement is agreed there is a violation, then the breach of contract lawsuit may be filed, because there is a contractual relationship between parties who cause losses and other losses menderita legal issues that may arise is in terms of the contractual Contractual relationship between the parties and there can wanpresasi tort claim filed . The legal issue would arise if prior agreement is valid and binding on the parties, namely in the negotiating process, one has piha legal actions such as borrowing money, buying land has not yet reached final agreement between them.
Problems that occur above can provide awareness for each person who will make the ties in the form agreement, it must know thoroughly how the procedures that must be achieved in a contract entered into in order to have legal effect that posed no kerigian between the parties. Therefore, through this paper will discuss about how the theories and techniques of preparation of the contract (agreement) is valid under the law. 

B. THEOLOGICAL PROBLEMS 1. What sense of commitment, agreement, and its elements? 2. How the provisions of validity of agreements? 3. What does the agreement and the cost of its production? 4. What are the types of agreements (contracts)?.......Continue Click Download

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