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Basically every human being has a need to support life, these activities are said to be precisely economy background activity, with the status of human politicon zoon deficiencies in need fulfillment, then there are the implications of the accomplishment of the movement as such. Until the current economic activity experienced a significant development with technology supported by an increasingly facilitate economic performance, in which the economy there is the main activity that is a process of buying and Selling exchange traded goods as the fulfillment of needs, accompanied with the benefits desired, the three definisi above can be concluded that jaul purchase agreement is an agreement made by the sellers danpembeli, in agreement with the seller bekewajiban fatherly hand over the object to the buyer and the selling price and the buyer is entitled to receive berkewjiban to pay the price and is entitled menrima object.Legal developments as well as developing a new events are, of course this needs to be studied is among the many developments in civil law is the existence of trading conducted via the Internet or commonly called e-commerce. To address these conditions, in this paper will discuss some important points ie;1. What terms of sale?2. What are its elements?3. What about the rights and obligations of the buyer?4. How the development of the law?...........Continue Click Download

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