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A. Background Problem

Greetings to all of us, before we were saying grace the presence of Almighty God, because of the mercy and grace I could complete this task. With the formulation of the problem, the concept of commitment, the various agreements entered into, termination of agreements entered into, in a society that often teralamai will be but these people did not penah understand and know, what is meant by this.
So we were a little peeling or discuss these issues in order to be discussed and finally we transform again, to the public.
The completion of these tasks are not separated from the guidance, assistance and guidance and suggestions from various parties, therefore I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the maximum. Thus it is submitted in writing, for the attention we thank you.

B. Problem formulation
1. The basic concept of commitment
2. Types of commitments
3. The termination of a commitment Continue Click Download

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