Need for the establishment of Islamic banks

1. Background
The development of the banking world have seen the complex, with various types of products and business systems in a variety of competitive advantage. Kekomplekan This has created a system and a new competitor in the banking world, not just competition among banks but also between banks with financial institutions. A real phenomenon that has demanded the bank finance manager for more adaptable to changes that occur in the banking world. Several years ago, the growth of financial institutions and banks with sharia system Muamalat began to appear. These financial institutions have long been grown in the state of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Iran and several other Middle East countries. A further development of the country spread to Europe, like Switzerland and London, as well as parts of Asia, like Malaysia and Indonesia.
Islamic Finance: Law, Economics, and Practice
The banking world was not coming only from the Western world as long as we know it and learn, but also the banking world comes from the East. A development which may be regarded as very mengembirakan, especially for Muslims who had been wanted investment and financing with no element of riba.
One thing is very interesting, which distinguishes between the bank management with a commercial bank Muamalat (conventional) is located on the financing and provision of fringe benefits, both those received by banks and investors. If seen in a commercial bank, called the loan financing, while at Bank Syariah called financing. While fringe benefits provided or received in the form of commercial bank interest rates (interest loan or deposit) in a certain percentage. While banks Muamalat with sharia system, only to give and receive remuneration under the agreement (agreement) for the results. Furthermore, the technical term in Islamic banking mudaraba, murabaha and musharaka for financing the program.
Shariah bank will obtain profits in the form of profit sharing from the project financed by the bank. If the project is stalled, it will find the solution of completion. For example, by selling the assets of the project. Asset sales money Bank financed projects, will be divided according to banks and customers in their respective investments in the business. Then how is a credit management mechanism that can be applied in the bank Muamalat, where this mechanism occurs in the attraction of interest between borrowers, banks and investors.
For the borrower of funds (borrowers), this is a golden opportunity which the borrower is not too burdened to interest loans. But for the investors (depositors or other investors), the banking system is less promising. The investors (lenders) want the funds invested, has a minimum return in accordance with their expectations. Instead, the bank as a media broker (intermediary) may have difficulties to raise public funds. Operational activities in the form of bank lending, may be impeded if the mobilization of funds not in accordance with the amount of funding requests.
Based on this phenomenon, to be disclosed here that there are some things related to the credit management mechanism Muamalat banks and commercial banks. Continue Click Download

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