1. Background
 Government policy in managing state finance (revenue and expenditure) in such a way that could affect the national economy such as production, consumption, investment, employment and price stability. Government has a goal to ease fiscal policy in foreign economic shocks to the economy becomes more stable and to establish revenue growth from time to time, expand employment opportunities and improving fairness of income distribution of wealth.In fiscal policy has a kind pengaturanya as pengeluaraan government should maintain the use of the state budget. If expenditures exceed the state planned to increase the amount of money in circulation then the government must raise tax rates will increase tax rates provided to government in order to increase national revenue and reducing people's purchasing power.

2. Formulation of the problem

From the above background, the authors have determined a formula of a paper that will be discussed in the chapter of discussion include:1. Fiscal Policy2. Tax3. Tax Classification4. The tax rate5. Tax effect of income and consumption6. Tax collection system7. The tax effect of the distribution of national income8. The effectiveness of fiscal policy........Continue Click Download

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