Introduction to Literature “SHORT STORY”


Sunday morning, I spirit to clean my room in the Dormitory. In several time, I find a dirty book behind an old cupboard. I take it my self. It is very difficult for me to take it but I want to take it with a broom that I use to clean this room. I get it!! I’m very happy when I hold this book and than I clean rest of dust which adheres on cover of book in my handful. It is about 7 X 9 cm. It is a small book. I’m very curious with this book. I want to read it but I still clean this room.

I have done it.!! I take a breath in hurry. I look every side of room and smile because I’m satisfied for looking my room that has cleaned my self for 3 hours. I proud of my self because I have cleaned this room, before cleaning this room, it is very musty and dirty. Now this room is cleaner and comfortable than before.

I’m very happy if I look my room is clean and beautiful. After cleaning this room, I read a small book that I have found when I cleaned. The content of this book tell about a story of human life in the past. After reading the book, directly, I remember my life in the past because this story is like my story in the past. I always remember my struggle for getting all of that I want in the past.

I remember when I was in senior high school; Andy whom I loved clarified his feeling to Belinda. Imagine..!!!!! A boy whom I loved wanted to be Belinda’s darling???? Why must my friend be his darling???? What a pity I was!!!!  My heart was broken if I looked them making a date but I was still lucky because in the middle of my sad, I still had 3 best friends in my life. They always cared me, understood about me and cheered me up, when I was sad, sick, when I cried and had many problems. They always tried to make me smile and happy.

 After that, I was conscious. I must be able to receive this reality in my life. I must be able to pass it. I must be strong. I was sure that I could pass my life although I had many problems. I was always spirit, brave for looking Andy and Herliana are a couple.

Now, I must be able to forget it. I must be more energetic. I must be able to enter in my favorite university and in the faculty that I want without test. Next, I will be able to be a specialist doctor such as in my dream.

I must be spirit. I was sure; I could forget all of my problems. If I just focus with the lesson, atomically I will be able to forget Andy slowly by slowly. If I focus with the lesson, God willing, my achievement will advance. What a beautiful imagines being success person!! I was sure that I could bring into reality, in order that I really felt it.

My life was very different with my friendships, they never threw their energy for thinking how was difficult to life and thinking for paying schools their selves. But me..!!! I was not sure; my mother could finance my administration in medical faculty which was my dream. . My mother was just a seller in canteen of school and my father was just a security guard in a school. What a different I was!!! But they never differentiated me with them. They were never shy that they had friend like me. That thing which makes my feeling in fierier disappears. I don’t know.. why and where!!

I must be spirit, I always had a certainty which is ever I read in a book that “where there is a will there is a way” . That certainty could push me to reach my dream. Six months later, I was really happy. I felt no one felt happier than me.


 I felt that I wanted to shout in around the world because I graduated from senior high school and passed to become a student of my favorite university without test.

      Eeehhhmmm….. I was really happy.

My family and my friends were really happy also. One step for becoming a specialist doctor will come.

In the morning, I ask money to my mother for paying the first administration in university but my mother could not pay it because she didn’t have a lot of money. My mother’s money had been used for paying in the hospital and my younger sister would continue her study in junior high school.

Oh my God! I was very confused with my destiny. In other hand I felt happy if I heard that I would pass to be a student of university without test. In other hand my father passed away in the hospital because his serious decease.

What a pity I was.!! My heart was broken if I heard all of my problems. My optimist for becoming a great doctor had smashed. My entire optimist became pessimist. Why my entire dream which was a perfect was built by me and neatly was broken!

All are the end, what would I want after graduating from senior high school??? Babysitter! Servant!  A security! A porter! Aaaaaaaagggghhhh.!!!! I felt my life was useless because I could not continue my study at university. Was it possible?? If my mother and my father could pay it.!!! I don’t know.!!

Waaahh!! I never imagine.!!   A week later, my friendship, Herliana , Dina , and Belinda had collected money. They asked her parents money for helping me to pay administration for entering in university. I felt sad, happy and reluctant when I heard it.

I’m so cheerful that I could go into favorite university that I wanted .In next semester, I got a scholarship and my mother must not feel difficult for searching money to finance my administration.

One day later, I felt success come again and Andy and Herliana had broken their relation because they did not feel suitable each other. I had studied at university for one year. Andy whom I loved quietly, he was conscious and wanted to be my honey. In fact Herliana didn’t feel objection if she heard it.

After graduating from university, Andy applied me and we were doctors. It was like my dream that I wanted to be a medical specialist, Herliana wanted to be a dentist, Dina wanted to be an ophthalmologist, and Belinda wanted to be a psychiatrist. We wanted to work in a famous hospital.

Finally, my dream and my friend’s dream would be materialized. I would try to make my mother happy. I was always sure that if there is a will, there is away although I had many problems.

After remembering my past life when I was in senior high school, when I was in the university and when I wanted to be a medical specialist. I just smile my self in my room.

 Two minutes later, I hear something…

 tok…tok…tok… ssssttttt…. tok…tok…tok…


         Syeira.!! Syeira.!!

“Please open the door, we are coming”.. “The voice is from outside”. 

Directly I am shock to hear that voice and I just smile my self again. And than I stand from my mattress, I will open the door.

        Krriiieeekk.!!! “I hear the door’s voice” and I look at all of my friendships, Herliana, Dina, and Belinda in front of my room. I’m really happy that they play in my dormitory. After that we tell about our past life and future. We laugh each other. I am so happy to hear that. Now, we are doctors and work in a famous hospital in Sumatra. I am sure that if we want something and we will struggle to get it. God willing. Success will come to us because I’m sure that there is a will, there is away. I will not forget all my friends and my struggle to materialize my dream.

By Nurul Hidayah, Sp.d

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