Personal Statement

Personal Statement

My name is Mohammad Mustaqim, I am student of Islamic Civil and Business Law Department. I want to join SUSI program because I am concerned with Religious Pluralism. My lecture is certain that I have adequate ability and potency to enter for this program.
I have done many studies and discourse about Islam especially religious pluralism and terrorism that is growing in Indonesian with their Islamic hard group; in my opinion there are no religions that teach to kill each other.
Accordingly, I want to succeed my bachelor’s degree (S-1) as soon as possible with flying colors. In digging up my deep competence, I have a great will to pursue my master’s degree (S-2) abroad. Therefore, I can apply my aforesaid studies for the contribution to the human kind.
I am sure, I am a good candidate for Study Of The United States Institutes (SUSI) program because I am still young, energetic, hard working, visionary, and motivated person who can do something for my country. I constantly do my best for my institution. Not that I am satisfied with what I have achieved but I will be so much better if I will be with Study Of The United States Institutes (SUSI) For Student Leaders On Religious Pluralism Winter Program.

Your sincerely,

Mohammad Mustaqim

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